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Used Trucks For Sale

To understand the full potential of shopping for Certified Pre-Owned and used trucks for sale at Frank Kent Country, you must first grasp the manufacturing output of the General Motors’ truck division under its two subsidiaries GMC and Chevrolet. For over 100 years, General Motors has not only crafted and forged their image but also earned their identity as the number one manufacturer of trucks across the globe.

By instilling a moral efficacy in a profit geared industry, GM has proven its worth to generations of valued customers by operating in each manufacturing plant with the best practices to build top of the line trucks with a true sense of pride. These best practices are not followed only through mandate alone but because GM believes what is best for the customer is best for the community and then in following succession best for the company. It is these standards that have helped GM’s subsidiaries GMC and Chevrolet continue to dominate the truck market with innovative designs that push the boundaries of what a modern truck can be for each driver and what it can accomplish on the road.

A grey 2017 GMC Sierra is driving in front of trees. The Sierra is one of the popular used trucks for sale in Corsicana, TX.

Recently in 2017, J.D. Power Associates even awarded the Silverado and Sierra Assembly Line, particularly the Fort Wayne plant, with the J.D. Power Gold Plant Quality Award. As mentioned previously, in order to understand General Motors’ truck division, it is important to understand both of its subsidiaries in GMC and Chevrolet. The history and division can often be confusing so we have outlined some of their most recent pickup trucks to help you determine if GM is the used truck brand you can trust.


Silverado: This beast of a truck is Chevy’s flagship pickup that can handle the workload from light to heavy duty depending on the driver’s choice of configuration. This pickup is one of the best-selling vehicles in the United States with almost 12 million Silverados having been sold since its introduction in 1999. Since 2011 and even previously, the Chevy Silverado has been lighting up the awards circles as an early critics favorite every new model and addition each year its released.

  • 2011 - Heavy Duty model won Motor Trend magazine's Truck of the Year
  • 2015 - Most dependable large light duty pickup by J.D. Power
  • 2017 - Kelley Blue Book's Best Resale Value: Full-Size Pickup
  • 2018 - Kelley Blue Book's Best Resale Value: Full-Size Pickup

Colorado: This mid-size pickup is a more down to earth budget friendly truck that still offers the capabilities of a full-size pickup at its top trim configuration. With three powertrain options, the Colorado can easily shift from city driving and weekend excursions to being the perfect worksite companion capable of handling a towing capacity of up 7,700 pounds when fully equipped.

A white 2017 Chevy Silverado is driving on a dirt road towards mountains. The Silverado is one of the popular used trucks for sale in Corsicana, TX.


Sierra: The GMC Sierra is the mechanically identical cousin of the Chevy Silverado with a few tweaks to make it noticeably a GMC product. Some of these tweaks include a two-piece tailgate along with every bed constructed from carbon fiber, a 3" x 7" multi-color Head-Up Display, a rear-view mirror backup camera system, as well as its own distinct exterior styling.

Canyon: The mid-size pickup from GMC has three different powertrain options with some upgraded style to boot on the interior cabin all at a starting MSRP that is low enough to consider even on first glance. At $21,500, the base model even offers the same standard tech of the top of the line Denali making this pickup an easy purchase particularly in the used truck market.

Why Used?

Let’s face it, trucks can carry with them a heavy price tag. They are capable of carrying a heavy workload, but with that heavy duty, utilitarian ability comes at times a heavy duty price to pay. And the modern-day pickup truck, with all the recent truck enthusiasm stemming from engineering innovation and seemingly never-ending low gas prices, seems to only be rising its price points. Here at the Frank Kent Country dealership, we feel like we have redefined the term “used” when it comes to trucks; Used trucks for sale just ain't what it used to be as you will see with the high quality of our extensive selection of used pickups. With many used trucks on the lot only a couple years old, drivers will hardly notice the difference in age when they are saving upwards of $10-20,000 on Certified Pre-Owned or used trucks that we have for sale. Ten to even twenty thousand dollars is roughly the amount you stand to save when you buy used instead of new when it comes to a higher price tagged pickup truck.

Depreciation is common knowledge, but when you put the total into actual dollars and cents in savings, it really starts to sway your need for that new truck smell. And most times as long you purchase a truck within the same generation, you practically get the same vehicle minus whatever new bells or whistles are trending that new year. Why not let some other soon to be poor buyer take the depreciation hit on the new pickup while you buy a used truck for sale at Frank Kent Country and drive off our lot in Corsicana, TX with savings on your mind.

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