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Used GMC Trucks

Whether you need a workhorse to get you through the week or a beast to tear up the trail on the weekend, GMC makes some of the best trucks sold in America. Buying a brand new pickup truck is not practical for everyone, however, for a wide range of reasons. In those situations, used GMC trucks are often the best choice and provide the perfect union of value, power, and sophistication. When buying a used or pre-owned vehicle, however, it is important to choose a reputable dealership to make sure your investment is secure and protected.

Used GMC trucks are great investments since they can keep running for decades, working hard every single day. These are ideal choices not only for professionals in demanding trades like carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and painters, but also for drivers who love to go off-road and camping on the weekends. At Frank Kent Country, we also get a lot of serious tailgaters who come in looking for a powerful pickup truck that can haul everything they need for a long day of grilling and cheering on their favorite teams.

A black 2012 GMC Canyon atop a hill.

Why Choose a Pre-Owned Pickup?

A lot of people think of used vehicles as an option just for drivers who cannot afford new vehicles, but that is far from the truth. In reality, many of our customers choose used GMC trucks simply because they provide a better value. Even our customers who can afford a new vehicle may prefer a pre-owned option because it allows them to stretch their dollar further.

We also find that a lot of our customers opt for used GMC trucks as a way to help protect the environment. While a large pickup is never going to be as environmentally conscious as something like a small electric car, choosing a used vehicle helps with the environmental impact of that truck. The resources used to manufacture a truck are quite high, so the longer that pickup stays on the road, the more those resources are justified without the need for making as many brand new vehicles.

The Best Trucks on the Road

GMC makes some of the best trucks in America, and you can often find these in our large inventory of pre-owned vehicles. Choosing the right truck for you really depends on your needs, in particular, how much weight you need to haul. For regular daily use, any truck should do, but if you need to load up lumber or pull a camper behind you, then factors like payload and towing capacity really matter.

The GMC Canyon – This is the smallest and most light-weight of the used GMC trucks you are likely to find. If you need a reliable and hardworking pickup, then this is a great choice that will keep you on the road for years. On the other hand, if you need something with more muscle, then consider a Sierra.

The GMC Sierra – A step up from the GMC Canyon, the standard Sierra is a light-duty pickup that still works hard. You can typically load up the back of the Sierra with more weight and pull more behind it compared to the Canyon, no matter what model year you look at. There are more powerful options available, however, with the Sierra heavy-duty models.

The GMC Sierra 2500 HD – The first of two heavy-duty trucks from GMC, the Sierra 2500 HD is an impressive workhorse that can get a lot done. Most people find the 2500 HD sufficient for the tasks they need to perform, including our customers who tend to haul a decent amount of weight around. This is a great choice for anyone with a light-weight camper or trailer.

The GMC Sierra 3500 HD – For people in need of the most power available, however, there is the Sierra 3500 HD, the hardest working pickup from GMC. This is the heaviest of heavy-duty trucks and can handle serious amounts of weight in its bed or towed behind it. This beast can be overkill for some drivers, but for those in need of tremendous power, this is the way to go.

A blue 2015 GMC Sierra towing an Airstream camper into a field.

The Frank Kent Pre-Owned Promise

At Frank Kent Country, we believe in making the truck-buying experience as simple and straightforward as possible, to ensure you drive away satisfied with just the right vehicle. The Frank Kent Pre-Owned Promise is an expression of that belief, which is our way of making sure buying a used GMC truck is free of hassles. It is part of what sets us apart from other dealerships and just one way we show our appreciation for our customers.

The first part of the Frank Kent Pre-Owned Promise is that you will find haggle-free pricing on all of our used GMC trucks. This is a price based on market research, individual vehicle features, Blue Book value, and even our competitors’ prices. We evaluate and revise these prices every day to ensure they are accurate, and the haggle-free price is fair and final. You do not have to worry about using psychological tactics or arguing to get the price you deserve – we start off with a fair price and it’s the one you will see.

The second aspect of our Frank Kent Pre-Owned Promise is our own warranty, which we provide for every pre-owned vehicle we sell. Our Frank Kent Certified Pre-Owned warranty is an additional 2-years or 100,000 miles of coverage for your vehicle. We put all of our used GMC trucks through a 172-point inspection, perform any maintenance necessary, and ensure that they are in the best condition possible. Our Warranty also includes a one-year membership in Road America’s Auto Assist Program, which offers 24-hour assistance for you anywhere you go and even covers up to two days of rental car costs during repairs and travel expenses if necessary.

Continued Support and Service

At Frank Kent Country, when we sell you a used GMC truck, we do not see it as the end of our time with you, but the beginning of a relationship. That is why we have a full service and parts center on site so that you always know where to come for any repairs or maintenance you need on your vehicle. Our knowledgeable staff can answer all of your questions and make sure you stay on the road, safe and secure, for years to come.

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