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GMC Trucks – Corsicana, TX

When you want a pickup that's built to last and capable of handling your everyday needs, GMC trucks are the pickup for you. From a truck built for the toughest workloads to a comfortable vehicle capable of taking you to work and your children to school, there's simply nothing like a GMC pickup.

At Frank Kent Country, you'll find a wide selection of the latest trucks from GMC. Whether you're looking at the trucks online or you visit our lot, just know GMC has always strived to provide you with the longest-lasting, exceptionally built truck, all while our team at Frank Kent Country strives to connect you with the right truck, whether it is a light-duty or heavy-duty model. You'll find it all right here at Frank Kent Country.

A black 2020 GMC Sierra 2500 is driving on a highway near Corsicana, TX.

The History of GMC Trucks

The history of GMC trucks dates back to 1902 with the founding of, at the time, what was known as the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company. Based in Pontiac, Michigan (a suburb of Detroit and, at one point, the Detroit Lion's Pontiac Silverdome was located here before the team moved to downtown Detroit), a man by the name of William Crapo Durant took control of the company and folded it into his own company, which he named General Motors Company. He also worked to obtain several other local manufacturers, including Reliance Motor Company. By 1911, he took Reliance Motor Company and Rapid Motor Vehicle Company and turned the two into General Motors Truck Company. A year later, in 1912, the company became officially known as GMC.

The first official pickup produced by GMC was the Model 25 One Ton, which it built in 1915. It went on to build the GMC Tanker in 1919. It also constructed the popular GMC T, F, AC, and AF series during the late 1930s. Throughout much of the 1940s, the company built the Model C and Model E pickups which, much like other pickups made by Pontiac and Chevy, were considered "Art Deco Trucks" due to the chrome and metal construction of the vehicle.

Following the conclusion of World War II, much of General Motors focused on reinventing itself, and this included GMC Trucks. In 1947 the company stopped its production of the Art Deco lineup of pickups. It instead focused on the New Design series, which offered a wider interior cabin and more powerful engine. However, it was the GMC C and K series the company started to build in 1960 that brought the company into the modern era of pickups. Several of the trim packages included the Sierra and High Sierra. Since that time, GMC has made a handful of pickups, including the S-15, the Sonoma, and the short-lived Syclone. Today, the company focuses its truck production on the full-size Sierra and the midsize Canyon.

The GMC Truck Lineup

GMC produces a pickup for your needs, no matter what those needs are. From a midsize pickup to trucks designed for the toughest work environment, you'll find a pickup that satisfies all of your requirements.

There is the GMC Canyon. This pickup has been in production since 2004 and is the midsize truck in GMC's lineup (the popular GMC Sonoma eventually went on to become the Canyon.

The GMC Sierra is a full-size pickup from the company. The General Motors Company started production of the Sierra in 1988. It was in production throughout the final ten years of the GMC C and K series of pickups. While it was initially a trim package available on the C and K trucks, the GMC Sierra has now become the main entry into the world of full-size pickups. It comes in several options, including the Sierra 1500, the Sierra Heavy Duty 2500HD, and the Sierra Heavy Duty 3500HD.

In addition to the individual truck types, each pickup also comes with several trim packages. This way, you can better customize the pickup to fit your driving needs.

A line of 2020 GMC Sierra 1500s, popular among GMC trucks, are driving with mountains and a sunset in the distance.

Dedicated to Quality

GMC is a unique auto manufacturer. It does not produce a wide range of trucks, cars, crossovers, SUVs, minivans, and everything else in between. For GMC, it isn't about making a vehicle for every designation and category. Instead, it is all about building quality vehicles that fit the specific requirements of hard-working individuals such as yourself who require a truck or SUV that's built to last. This is why GMC focuses its manufacturing power almost exclusively on two trucks and a small number of SUVs (plus the Savana work van).

General Motors Company wants to make sure you receive a truck that wasn't simply produced because a car company wanted to check off a model-type box. That is not what GMC is about. You'll find that with Toyota and Nissan, where the companies just mass-produce every imaginable vehicle type because the companies want their hands in every cookie jar. With GMC, the company focuses on giving you the very best of pickups and SUVs, so as soon as you sit behind the wheel of a GMC vehicle, you know you're driving a machine that was designed with expert care and craftsmanship.

The Latest GMC Trucks Are Available at Frank Kent Country

If you're looking for a new pickup, you'll find the latest from General Motors Company at Frank Kent Country. Whether you're looking for a smaller city truck that can navigate downtown Dallas and yet you still want plenty of power and performance, the GMC Canyon is right for you. Or, if you're looking for a full-size pickup, make sure to check out the different variations of the Sierra 1500, 2500HD, or 3500HD.

With each model year, these pickups just get better and better. With a more powerful engine that offers improved fuel economy to eco diesel engines, improved towing capacity, and infotainment and safety features, if there's something you're looking for in a pickup, you will find it in a GMC pickup. So now is the time to look over the new models to see which works best for your needs. And, if you ever have any questions regarding GMC trucks, make sure to give our team at Frank Kent Country a call or email at your convenience.

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