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Buick Dealership

Find a New Buick at Frank Kent Country

Searching for the best local Buick dealership leads to experiencing the distinctive Buick vehicles first-hand; it is truly something special. And our goal at Frank Kent Country in Corsicana, TX, is to be the one-stop dealership for customers looking to purchase a stylish and performant automobile at a competitive price. Our selection of new Buick vehicles is one of the very best around; we believe that choice plays a crucial role in a successful vehicle shopping experience as this allows our customers more room to expand their search. And by expanding their search, customers can find a Buick vehicle that is a better fit for their price range along with other wants and needs.

Whether our customers are looking for a compact SUV such as the all-new Buick Encore, or an Envision, or Enclave, we’ve got them covered. We’re located at 2000 E State Highway 31, Corsicana, Texas, about an hour away from Dallas, and our service extends to the greater area of Corsicana. With the help of our knowledgeable and professional sales staff, we’ve earned a reputation as one of the highest-rated Buick dealerships around. And we are always ready to serve those looking for a new or used Buick vehicle.

A white 2021 Buick Encore GX is parked in front of a house near Corsicana, TX.

A Buick Overview

There are few manufacturers around today with a history as long as Buicks. Buick Motor Company was officially founded in 1903 by David Dunbar Buick in Detroit, Michigan. Now a manufacturer over a century old, Buick started as trailblazers of the automotive industry. The vehicles they produce have since extended into international markets, and Buick is now a household name in more countries than one. Going from the dawn of automobiles to the current year, Buick has spent generations refining their craft.

This is best seen with their current lineup of vehicles that are built with the knowledge Buick has obtained from being one of the first big-name manufacturers. The first twenty years of the twentieth century saw Buick become the top vehicle producer in the United States, and vehicles such as the Model B were released in 1904. Model B was capable of producing up to 21 hp, which was considered very powerful for its day. Production was not slowing down as Buick’s vehicles became better known throughout the country, and it only took twenty years from their initial foundation to the point when they built their one-millionth vehicle.

As the years went on, Buick repeatedly stood at the forefront of innovation. Vehicles continued to become increasingly complex machines, and Buick’s vehicles were no exception. For example, the Buick Century was Buick’s first vehicle that included an 8-cylinder engine and launched back in 1936. It was around this time that Buick vehicles started earning their distinctive style with the introduction of vehicles such as the Y-Job convertible. Buick helped to prove that vehicles didn’t only act as a machine, but as a fashion statement as well.

Shortly after, Buick became one of several vehicle manufacturers who would go on to create military-grade vehicles for wars of the era but continued producing consumer-grade automobiles at the same time. Throughout the 1940s and 1950s, Buick was a commonly known brand, and vehicles such as the Roadmaster convertible and Super Riviera Coupe would continue to push the limits of stylish consumer-grade vehicles.

These qualities would also be applied to vehicles such as the Roadmaster Skylark Convertible, which was produced to celebrate Buick’s 50th anniversary in 1953. The 1950s were a very important era in the automotive industry as vehicles were consistently improving, and more households had a vehicle than ever before by that point. Buick introduced its performance line of vehicles back in 1961, and vehicles such as the Buick Invicta, Skylark, or the Wildcat would become staples of their era.

When the 1970s rolled around, Buick introduced high-performance packages for their vehicles, following a shift in the industry. Models such as the Turbo Regal Sport Coupe, which was introduced in 1978, would include a 3.8L V6 engine for the very first time. Buick maintained a solid reputation with fans and enthusiasts throughout the 1980s, and a wide range of exciting new automobiles was produced.

This followed into the 1990s, and older lineups were reintroduced into the lineup, such as the aforementioned Roadmaster, which Buick had placed on hiatus between 1959 and 1992. All of Buick’s experience has ultimately led them into the current age when the new millennium brought forth a wave of SUVs and luxury crossovers. Today, Buick offers ten distinctive vehicles, all of which are the byproduct of a century of successful sales and a manufacturer who builds each vehicle with care. When discussing the best-known manufacturers around today, Buick is a common answer as it has never lost any bit of relevancy ever since its foundation.

A gray 2021 Buick Enclave is driving on a blurry street after leaving a Buick dealership.

Finance Your Buick With Us

If you are interested in buying an innovative Buick, drawn from a long and hard-working history, visiting our on-site finance center is the perfect way to acquire a vehicle. Financing is commonly utilized by many shoppers, and it allows our customers to purchase vehicles they want at a more affordable rate.

Our process is straightforward; we allow our customers to apply for financing by utilizing tools such as our website or by visiting us in person. By filling in the required info, customers who get approved will be ready to begin searching for a vehicle. Customers looking for even lower rates and better deals can choose to value their current trade-in, and we can put the trade-in value towards the purchase. This is a highly recommended way to help mitigate the cost of a new vehicle.

There’s no denying that vehicles can be expensive, and with the help of finance centers such as ours, customers will feel more confident about their purchase. With all of that said, customers who are unsure about the financing process should visit our location to learn more about it and learn how we can help obtain the vehicle of their dreams.

A blue 2020 Buick Encore is shown from the front driving on a city street.

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