What We Know So Far About the 2021 Buick Enclave

April 22nd, 2020 by

A popular Buick SUV, a grey 2020 Buick Enclave, which will be updated for the 2021 Buick Enclave, is driving past a blurred railing near Corsicana, TX.

As one of the oldest American automakers, Buick has been building hefty rides for quite a long time. Founded in 1899, this motor company is the birthplace of General Motors. Now a division of GM, you can still find these well-built vehicles made today. Known best for producing reliable sedans and family-friendly SUVs, Buick is one of the auto brands that isn’t going anywhere. If you are looking at Buick SUVs, you might be interested in the company’s upcoming model, the 2021 Buick Enclave.

The Buick Enclave is one of the newer creations for the line-up. First produced in 2008, this model was well-received by families across America. Replacing the Rendezvous, Rainier, and Terraza, this mid-size crossover had its work cut out for it. By delivering stellar performance, it was ranked by U.S. News & World Report as the top affordable mid-size SUV in the nation. The first-generation models were produced from 2008 until 2017. Currently, in its second-generation, the 2021 Buick Enclave comes with a mid-cycle refresh. But why is this refresh so exciting? Let’s find out.

First Impressions

Auto enthusiasts have recently spied the first-look at the upcoming 2021 Buick Enclave during prototype testing in Colorado. This three-row crossover seats seven people and may receive a few exterior styling elements from the 2020 LaCrosse. Although the new Enclave was covered in camouflage, experts speculate that it will get the front/back fascias, grille, and headlights from its little cousin, the LaCrosse.

Since this version of the Enclave comes right in the middle of its second-generation, the changes will most likely not be too drastic. You can expect to see more of a facelift than a total face-swap. Reports also suggest that it will keep the same GM C1 platform, which is also used for the GMC Acadia, Chevy Blazer, and Cadillac XT5. Each of these models is well-known for being highly adaptive on road trips. Ideal for families with active lifestyles, you can go just about anywhere in these models. You should expect the same kind of freedom in the upcoming 2021 Enclave as well.

Behind the Wheel

No one has been able to slip behind the wheel except for test drivers and engineers, of course. Buick has released not many details as of yet. However, we do know that this mid-size SUV has room for seven passengers, which is rare for anything other than a full-size SUV these days. Why is that important? It’s worth noting because most modern mid-size models only have seating for five people. This pushes larger families out of the bracket. While full-size SUVs have their place in society, some larger families can’t afford to spend the money on gas that those larger vehicles require. This is why it is so crucial for a mid-size SUV with seating for seven to be available. It gets better gas mileage than full-size vehicles, and it doesn’t compromise on space. No one gets left behind with the 2021 Buick Enclave!

While the spies couldn’t get a good look at what’s inside the Enclave, they did note that most of the interior components where covered. This, on its own, indicates changes. Since it’s a Buick, you can expect that the cabin of all trim levels will be well-appointed. Safety features will also most likely be ramped up for the next production year. Blind-spot monitoring, forward collision alert, front pedestrian braking, lane-change alert, rear cross-traffic alert, and emergency braking will carry over from this year’s model, and a series of HD surround-view cameras will probably be available on higher trim levels. Additional safety elements you might see may include child safety locks, line assist, enhanced traction control, and electronic stability control for a smoother experience on the roads. As for entertainment, the upcoming Enclave will feature the Buick Infotainment system, which will come with Bluetooth connectivity, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and OnStar. An integrated navigation system and 4G LTE Wifi hotspot may also be available. You can stay connected to the online community everywhere you go, and you won’t have to worry about getting lost on a road trip.

Exterior Styling

Although most of the exterior styling elements were covered, there are a few things that will probably carry over from the 2020 Enclave. These features include the hands-free liftgate and the power moonroof.

The hands-free liftgate uses an LED logo projection to help you load the vehicle when your hands are full. As long as you are keeping the key fob on your person, the car will send when you wave your foot through the LED projection. The liftgate will open for you to quickly access the cargo area without having to put your groceries on the ground.

The power moonroof can tilt or slide at the push of a button. You don’t have to roll anything back, and the rear fixed skylight gives your back-seat passengers an entrancing view whenever they want. This makes road trips at night so much more fun!

Under the Hood

There is one thing that we know for sure. The powertrain will remain the same. The Buick Enclave has always had a 3.6-liter V6 engine grumbling under the hood. It’s been working out well for the last 12 years, so why change it now? Equipped with a 9-speed automatic transmission and FWD (AWD is optional), this powertrain generates 302 horsepower.

Through advanced technological solutions, you can expect to see a higher fuel economy on the upcoming model. As of now, Buick is hinting at a 20% increase in fuel efficiency. Current FWD models get about 22 MPG combined (18 city/26 highway), and the AWD version gets around 21 MPG combined (17 city/25 highway). A 20% increase will be very attractive to families on a budget.

Also, keep in mind that the Enclave can tow 1,500 pounds. While this might seem a bit low, it is eligible for a trailer towing package, which will push the towing capacity up to 5,000 pounds. If you love to go camping with your recreational toys in tow, this is an excellent option for you.

Price Point and Release Date

If you are excited about the 2021 Buick Enclave, you’ll be happy to know that it will be rolling out onto dealership lots in the Fall of 2020. The base model will most likely be priced around $40,000, and you can expect a lot of nice features for this amount of money. For the higher trims, you can probably expect to spend around $55,000. These numbers are based on the price points of the current 2020 Enclave models.

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