What is the GMC ProGrade Trailering System?

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The transparent view on the ProGrade Trailering System is shown, which is available on many GMC trucks for sale in Corsicana, TX.

If you are looking through the many features of modern GMC trucks such as the Sierra 1500, then you might have asked yourself, exactly what is the ProGrade Trailering System? Simply put, it is a collection of advanced technologies designed to make towing simpler and more convenient than ever before. Pulling a trailer is one of the most complicated tasks most truck owners will regularly attempt, and even experienced drivers find that hitching a trailer and maneuvering it through the roads is something that requires more effort than normal driving. Truck manufacturers have recognized this, and the newest trucks for sale now offer a variety of advanced technologies specifically aimed at improving the trailering experience. For GMC trucks with the ProGrade Trailering System, these features consist of comprehensive in-vehicle and downloadable software as well as additional camera views for monitoring your trailer and the road around you.

In-Vehicle Trailering App

The central feature of the GMC ProGrade Trailering System is its in-vehicle trailering app. This advanced software is built into your truck’s infotainment system and is easily accessed through the intuitive touch screen user interface. Once the in-vehicle app is opened, it presents several features designed to make your life easier. Perhaps the most valuable of these is its customizable trailer profiles, which allows you to save detailed settings and logs for up to five different trailers in the system’s memory. These trailer profiles allow you to load previously customized trailer brake controller gain settings, track trailer mileage, and set trailer maintenance reminders, among other features.

Another valuable feature of the in-vehicle app is its pre-departure checklist, which will run through all the steps that you need to follow to safely connect your trailer. This is extremely useful for truck owners new to towing who might not yet have all of the steps memorized, but it is also handy even for experienced drivers. While you might have hitched a trailer thousands of times, it is always better to double-check than risk losing a trailer once you are out on the road.

GMC trucks for sale with the ProGrade Trailering System in-vehicle app includes a number of features for improved integration of your trailer’s electronics. Probably the most convenient of these is the automatic Trailer Lights Test. When you hook up a trailer with brake lights and turn signals, making sure that they are actually working properly is usually a two-person task. But with the GMC trailering app, this important job can now be quickly performed all by yourself. Just open the Trailer Lights Test and press a button, and your truck will automatically run through a preset light system, leaving you free to exit the cab and watch your trailer’s lights to ensure that they are functioning correctly.

Finally, the in-vehicle app includes trailer tire pressure monitoring. Just install the set of wireless sensors on your trailer and your truck will keep track of not only trailer tire pressure, but also trailer tire temperature. If any unsafe conditions arise while you are out on the road, you will instantly be alerted through your truck’s infotainment system.

Downloadable Trailering App

All GMC vehicles now offer numerous features through the myGMC app that can be downloaded directly to your smartphone. But trucks sold with the ProGrade Trailering System also offer additional options. The most useful of these is the ability to run through the same trailering pre-departure checklist and Trailer Lights Test that are offered through the in-vehicle app. Since you will probably be entering and exiting your truck when you are accomplishing the tasks that these aspects of the ProGrade Trailering System are designed to assist with, being able to reference the features through your phone rather than having to check the infotainment screen inside your truck makes the overall app even more convenient and user friendly.

Extra Camera Views

But the GMC ProGrade Trailering System would not be complete if it was limited to helpful software features alone. Like the trailering systems available on many modern trucks, the GMC system also includes additional camera views designed to both simplify hitching a trailer as well as provide you with better awareness while towing a trailer on the road. The built in Hitch Guidance takes the standard backup camera and optimizes it to enable you to easily back your truck up to a trailer hitch without needing any outside help. By projecting an additional dynamic line for your truck’s trailer hitch onto the backup camera view, this system informs you exactly where your hitch is pointing. Just overlay this line onto your trailer’s tongue, and putting your truck in the right place to hook up will be swift and painless. But the backup camera also offers a special Hitch Mode that allows you to zoom in on your truck’s trailer hitch to fine-tune your placement before getting out of your truck to make the connection.

Once you have your trailer connected and are out on the road, the additional camera views of the ProGrade Trailering System will continue to help you have a smooth journey. First, GMC has made it so that you can activate the backup camera’s Hitch Mode even when you are driving forward, allowing you to inspect your trailer hitch and make sure nothing has come undone without needing to pull over and get out of the truck. And if you have a gooseneck or fifth-wheel trailer, then GMC offers a bed camera that fills this same valuable role. Other camera views on the latest GMC trucks for sale include cameras mounted in your side mirrors, providing you with an even better picture of what is around you. These cameras can be further supplemented by an optional trailer-mounted camera, allowing you to see directly behind you no matter how large of a trailer you are pulling. And through the ProGrade Trailering software, these camera views do not need to be viewed one at a time, but can all be fused into a single picture for the best possible situational awareness.

Additional Features

The GMC ProGrade Trailering System does not stop there. Although the trailering apps and additional camera angles are the most obvious features, new GMC trucks are also sold with a number of more subtle technologies designed to make towing a trailer safer than ever before. To begin with, when hitching a trailer, your truck will automatically apply its electronic parking brake to give you a more stable connection and prevent your truck from rolling away. And if you are hitching in low light, GMC has added a new light pointed directly at the hitch area so that connecting a trailer while holding a flashlight is now a thing of the past. Once on the road, engage your truck’s tow/haul mode, and you will get modified transmission shift points to keep you in the powerband and prevent your truck from hunting for gears. And after tow/haul mode has been selected, it will remain engaged for up to four hours after your truck has been turned off so that you will not have to remember to reengage it after every stop.

The ProGrade Trailering System also includes sophisticated trailer sway control technology designed to keep dangerous oscillations from developing and potentially causing an accident. If your truck detects your trailer swaying, then it will automatically apply the brakes and reduce engine power until your trailer is back under control. And if the trailer has brakes of its own, the system will even automatically engage those as well. Finally, GMC has added a new Theft Alert to its system. If your truck detects that its trailer is being disconnected while the truck is parked and locked, then it will automatically activate its car alarm. Altogether, these minor and major features of the GMC ProGrade Trailering System transform the trailering experience and help make the current GMC trucks for sale some of the best choices available for towing any trailer that you might have.

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