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Chevy Suburban parked on a dock

Did you know that Chevrolet sells more Silverados in the state of Texas than the next three states combined? Or that Texas accounts for 14.5% of all Chevys sold in the United States? Are you surprised? We aren’t. Texas has long been a great state for Chevrolet. Fort Worth drivers know this. All one would have to do is look out the window, and you would think you were on one very big Chevy dealership lot.

We believe that the official state symbol of Texas should be a Chevy pickup truck. Well, along with the Longhorn and the pecan tree and all the rest. We love our Chevys and we aren’t afraid to show it. At Frank Kent Country in Corsicana, we are proud to sell Chevy trucks, cars and SUVs to all in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Read on to discover a little more about us, our vehicles and what we can do for you.

We have hundreds of Chevy models, ranging from hatchbacks to full-sized SUVs and everything in between. These include the newest models of Chevy vehicles, as well as used and pre-owned. Whatever your specific taste is for a vehicle, whether it be large and powerful or small and agile, Frank Kent Country has it. Each and every Chevy vehicle we sell has a specific use, and we know how to get you into that new car or truck or SUV if you are unsure of which one fits you best.

We also offer certified pre-owned Chevy vehicles. Certified pre-owned means that this particular vehicle was owned by another driver, but since its resale, has gone through an extensive and exhaustive certification checklist by Chevy to ensure its roadworthiness. This checklist covers 172 points from bumper to bumper, including engine, brakes, tires, chassis, interior, exterior and a road test. It also goes through a complete background check to discover any accidents reported by previous owners. If the Chevy technicians deem the vehicle worthy, it will receive the “certified pre-owned” badge. This comes with the peace of mind that your certified pre-owned Chevy is as good as new.

Chevrolet Sales and Service Near Fort Worth

To get you into your new, used or certified pre-owned Chevy, you will have the pleasure of working with our sales staff. These talented men and women know every detail of our Chevy vehicles, from engine specifications to trim levels to fuel economy and more. If you have questions about the infotainment system on the Chevy Suburban, they can tell you. If you want to know how much horsepower the 2019 Chevy Camaro can get, they will gladly tell you it can get up to 650 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque with the 6.2 liter V8 supercharged engine. You might have to stop them though, unless you want to hear every spec of each of the 2019 Camaro’s four engines.

Our sales staff considers itself fortunate to be around these amazing vehicles every day, and they have dedicated themselves to knowing the ins and outs of each one. They can give you a tour of any and all vehicles you are interested in, and even set you up with a test drive. If you think you are excited about these awesome Chevrolets, just wait until you meet them.

After you have decided on the perfect Chevy vehicle for you, you will next meet our financial team. These folks can get you set up on a payment plan for your new, used or certified pre-owned Chevy. They know very well that financing a new vehicle is a huge undertaking and a tricky process. Unless you are careful and know exactly what you are doing you could potentially overpay thousands of dollars. Our financial team is here to make sure that exact thing doesn’t happen.

We will assist you with a credit check and calculate the right interest rate based on your credit score. We can set up a monthly payment plan that works within your budget. We will also discuss any rebates, discounts, incentives and specials that you may be eligible for. Chevy has great partnership programs with other companies around the country, wherein if you work for one of them, you may be eligible for a special on a Chevy vehicle. You would hate to miss out on a deal like that. We can also explore leasing versus buying options, and discuss which one is in your best interest at this time. Leasing is a great alternative to buying, but not for everyone.

Once our financial wizards have gotten you set up and you have the keys to your new Chevy car, truck or SUV, your last stop will be with our service technicians. These talented professionals work on these vehicles every day and know exactly what makes them run. From grill to exhaust pipe, if there is an issue with your Chevy, they can diagnose and fix it quickly.

Hopefully, though, that won’t be necessary. What you will be doing with them today is setting up a regular maintenance schedule. There are certain things that need to be done to an automobile on a regular basis. This includes such periodic maintenance as oil change and tire rotation. Other things, like fluid checks and changing filters, have a longer period between procedures. Since any vehicle is an engineering marvel of thousands of working mechanical parts, they all need to be in working order to keep your vehicle running at optimal condition. These periodic checks make that possible.

A lot of this is contingent on your driving conditions. Some factors include how much you drive on a daily basis, whether or not you spend significant time in stop/go traffic, if you primarily drive on the highway, even if you frequently use dirt roads. By letting our maintenance department know these driving factors, we can better know how exactly to set up your maintenance schedule.

In addition to our maintenance schedule and engine repair, we also offer on-site body repair, which you may not find in a lot of dealership maintenance departments. Our technicians will have you back from that fender bender in no time. Meanwhile, we offer loaner cars and shuttle vans so you can get back to your daily life while we fix your Chevy car, truck or SUV.

Chevrolet Parts and Accessories Near Fort Worth

For the do-it-yourself types out there, we also offer aftermarket parts and accessories. If you’re unsure on how to install any of the parts will be happy to install any accessories that you may need. If you do know what you are doing, we respect that and can sell the parts directly to you.

Frank Kent Country is located in Corsicana, Texas, just over an hour southeast of Fort Worth, down US-287. Our showroom is open 8AM to 7PM Monday through Friday and 8AM to 6PM on Saturday. Our service department is open from 7:30AM to 6PM Monday through Friday and 8AM to 4PM on Saturday.

Our website, however, is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There, you can view our Chevy inventory (as well as our Buicks, Cadillacs and GMCs), peruse through our parts and accessories, get trade-in value on your vehicle, fill out a car loan application, check out our specials, read customer testimonials and so much more. Come on down to Frank Kent Country and find your new Chevrolet near Fort Worth, soon!

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