Follow the Rainbow (Trust Your Instincts)

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A black 2020 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD, a popular choice for Chevy in Fort Worth, is driving past a farm.

Just because you have a car dealership in your back yard doesn’t mean that they have your best interest at heart. While it is easy to shop at one or two dealerships near you, it’s important to go beyond the limits of your neighborhood to find the dealership that will put you above a sale. Putting in the extra effort now will pay off later down the road. If you’re researching Chevy Fort Worth, don’t limit your options to just the Fort Worth area. Why limit yourself to one area, especially when expanding beyond the hustle and bustle opens up so many opportunities. With more options laid out in front of you, you will be able to make a better educated decision.

While there are without a doubt plenty of reputable dealers in the Fort Worth area, they operate on a slightly different set of rules than dealerships outside of the city. You see, when a dealership pays for prime real estate, there is pressure on the sales team to pay the bills. When the sales team feels pressured, they might be tempted to put you in a vehicle that you don’t need to that they can meet their quota. You’ll never have to worry about that at Frank Kent Country GM in Corsicana, TX. We pride ourselves on a low-pressure environment with a wide enough selection to please everyone. These aren’t the only pros of shopping with us, and those aren’t the only cons of staying local. Let’s discuss some of the other benefits in greater detail.

Getting Pulled In All Directions

We’ve all driven down those busy city roads with dealerships adorned on both sides. All of the nicest cars are right out front, and quite frankly, you don’t know where to start. Since these dealerships are right in town, you haven’t done much research because you want to see the cars in person. You finally get the courage to pull into one of the dealerships, find a place to park and head inside. You expected someone to introduce themselves and point you in the right direction, but instead, you were asked to sit in the waiting area. “Someone from sales will be right with you,” they say. You didn’t come here to watch the weather on tv; you came here to look at cars. Once you’ve sat there for fifteen minutes, a salesman comes up to you to introduce themselves.

“Finally,” you think to yourself. “I’d like to look at your small SUV’s please,” you say to the sales rep. The sales rep gets distracted by a manager asking him to help an irate customer that is causing a scene. “They’re in the back left of the lot, I’ll meet you out there in two minutes,” the sales rep tells you. Flustered and a little lost, you make your way back onto the lot to examine the vehicles. None of the SUVs immediately jump out to you, but you wish someone was available to answer your questions. Getting fed up, you head back inside only to see your sales rep with another customer. They shoot you an embarrassed look, and they eventually find the time to assist you.

Before you’ve even taken a vehicle for a test ride, the sales rep is already pulling numbers out of thin air to give you an idea of what monthly payment you can afford. They’ve asked you three times now if you’re trading in a vehicle and they’re still trying to get you to finance despite your desire to purchase a vehicle outright. “That smaller SUV is great, but for only $375 a month you can afford the much larger and nicer SUV.” You tell them you’re not interested, yet they insist that you’re getting a good deal and that these vehicles go quick. You tell them you want to consult with your spouse first, but they question your decision-making ability. You tell them you want to shop around; they pressure you with “What do we need to do to make this deal happen today?” When the sales rep says, “Let me talk with my boss,” you take that time to leave the dealership without being harassed. Another dealer on this busy street will be happy to help you out… right?

That Warm Fuzzy Feeling

It the last section left you unsettled, it should. Selling cars is an art, but too many people see it as a business. Here at Frank Kent, we’ve positioned ourselves away from the high-pressure environments so that we can take the time to please every customer that walks through our doors. Not only are first impressions important to us, but we would also rather have a lifelong relationship with our customers rather than just a one-off sale. We want your entire experience, from sales to service and everything in-between, to be on your terms. We hire staff that enjoys taking the time, hearing out your needs, and using their expertise to find you the vehicle of your dreams.

When you take the time to visit us from the Fort Worth area, we want to go equally out of our way to make you feel at home. Our sales team will be able to help you promptly, and they’ll never push you into buying something you don’t feel 100% confident in. They’ll take the time to hear about your current situation and make a suggestion based off of your needs, but they respect that you are the one in control. Our staff is trained to help you with your budget, even before you walk into the finance office. Whether you have a total budget or a monthly budget, we can find you a range of vehicles that may be of interest. Do you need to step away from our dealership to discuss your options with a loved one? We’d love to suggest a local restaurant so that you can enjoy yourself without having to make a second trip.

Don’t forget that once you’ve purchased your car, you’re going to need a reliable team to keep up with maintenance. We have skilled mechanics that will already be familiar with your vehicle prior to your first oil change. While your local garage is most likely filled with talented and knowledgeable technicians, don’t you want your new car to be taken care of by the best in the business? If you ever have any issues with your vehicle, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. When you go out of your way for service, we like to go out of our way to show you we appreciate it. Remember, you aren’t just buying a car, you’re establishing a relationship that can benefit all parties for decades to come.

Realize Your Worth

We hope that you’ll take the time out of your busy schedule to have a superior car purchasing experience. When you’re sick of the bologna that comes with purchasing a new car, take a deep breath and give us a call. If we can’t help you, we will be happy to refer you to someone who can. If we can help you, even better! For a low-pressure, high-value car purchasing experience, take the time to visit Frank Kent Country today.

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