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GMC Acadia Danali Driving on a Mountain Road

You’ve been looking for the best option for getting a new car and have now decided on leasing the vehicle. Maybe you’ve been eyeing the 2019 GMC Terrain with seating up to five people. The new Acadia with seating up to 7 people may be more in line with what you need. The Yukon was designed to accommodate up to 8 people. Maybe you need a new truck like the GMC Canyon. There are so many vehicle options available to you through GMC lease deals. Since you’re here, check out how you can find your new vehicle with some great GMC lease deals.

Why Choose GMC Lease Deals

If you’ve never leased a vehicle before, you may be wondering if GMC lease deals are the right avenue for you. One reason to consider leasing a vehicle instead of buying a new one is that you could potentially get a lower monthly payment. When you chose GMC lease deals, you may not need as much of a down payment as if you were purchasing a new car. This could be a great option for you if you don’t have a huge budget while shopping for a new vehicle. People leasing vehicles for business purposes can benefit from deducting the monthly lease payment for taxes. Maybe you fall into one of these categories and can benefit from GMC lease deals.

Understanding the Warranty

It’s important that you fully understand the warranty for the vehicle and lease agreement. There are some differences as compared to buying a vehicle. When you own the vehicle, you are responsible for all repairs for the car, except for issues that are covered in the warranty. When leasing a vehicle, it is covered under the factory warranty, so any manufacturing defects or failures are covered.

However, you cannot assume that you are free and clear of any other responsibilities. You must treat the car like your own purchased vehicle and ensure that it is free of any excessive wearing during the length of the lease contract. Make sure you and your passengers are all treating the leased vehicle right and making sure it’s in great condition when it’s returned to the dealership at the end of the lease contract. It is important to note that some items like hoses, glass, tires, and lights are not the responsibility of the lessee since they are subject to wear.

More Options Available to You

Some people chose GMC lease deals because they want their options wide open. They don’t want to be saddled with a long car loan and want the freedom to lease a car for two years and then lease another new car after that contract ends. Generally, vehicle lease terms are for a period of 2-4 years. You have the option at the end of the lease contract to purchase the vehicle for its residual value.

If you don’t want the vehicle anymore or are interested in leasing another one, you can simply return the vehicle to the dealership. This means no hassles for you trying to sell a vehicle that you own or losing money on trading it in for a newer model. Just make sure to keep the lease current until the ending date because you can incur extra costs if you end the lease before the termination date.

Enjoy the Best Features

Another customer perk from GMC lease deals is that you can enjoy the best and newest features in regard to technology and safety. New model cars offer great features like high-end infotainment systems and integrated technology to help you stay connected through your mobile devices while you travel. Depending on the trim level you lease, you can enjoy features like an enhanced driver alert package or 4G LTE Wi-Fi. Of course, these features are available to individuals who want to buy a new model. However, when you lease a car, you have the option to continue leasing new vehicles to take advantage of the best in technology and safety features.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

We’ve established some great benefits to GMC lease deals and important factors you should know when looking for your next vehicle. However, there are some costly mistakes that you should avoid. Diligently understanding the vehicle leasing process will help you to save money in the long run, so pay attention to the details and be your own advocate.

Down Payment – Avoid payment more than $2,000 for a down payment. Anything over that amount and you are paying too much for a leased vehicle.

Gap Insurance – Make sure you get gap insurance on the leased vehicle. You want to ensure that the vehicle is covered if it gets totaled or stolen. Otherwise, you can be stuck trying to cover the remainder of what is owed on the lease, after the insurance company assesses the car’s value and makes a payment.

Mileage Estimation – Correctly estimating the mileage you’ll be driving is important since you will have to pay for any overages incurred. Most leases generally allow for 10,000 – 15,000 miles each year. So, take the time to figure out how many miles you’ll be driving so you can request to adjust the allotted mileage accordingly and don’t end up paying any penalties for exceeding that amount. Remember, that if you request a higher mileage allotment, you will have an increased monthly lease payment. You can be charged approximately 10-30 cents per mile for any additional miles driven.

Budget Accordingly – Don’t forget to budget accordingly when deciding to lease a vehicle. You need to take into account the cap cost for the vehicle any out-of-pocket expenses you may incur, insurance coverage, and gap coverage. All of these factors need to be considered so you stay within your established budget.

Credit Score – These two words can be scary to people who have a less than perfect credit rating. However, if you want to have the best shopping experience, you need to first know your current credit score. If you want the best GMC lease deals, you need to value your credit score and work on improving it for the best purchasing power.

Now that You’re Here…

At Frank Kent Country, we are a community driven and locally different dealership that has a customer-centric focus. We know that our customers want to shop in a stress-free and hassle-free environment that is devoid of pushy salespeople. We want your shopping experience for a GMC to be pleasant and easy as you get the vehicle you want to satisfy your driving needs.

Your user experience on our website will be simple as you check out our inventory while shopping for the right GMC lease deals ideal for your current situation. Take your time and peruse our website to learn more about our current lease options and financing options that are available to you.

Our team of professionals is ready and waiting to help you find the right GMC lease deals so you can drive off our lot in the perfect vehicle for you. We don’t want you to experience “leaser’s remorse.” We want to make sure that we pay attention to what you are specifically looking for in a vehicle and help you to find the one that you need.

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