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A father and sons are playing soccer at a Waxahachie, TX park.

Please be aware that due to growing health concerns, some locations may be temporarily closed or have restrictions.

Although the heat here in Texas can get a little rough, that doesn’t stop us from getting out and enjoying the gorgeous scenery and beautiful stretches of nature all around us. While we love our automotive environment here at Frank Kent Country, sometimes you just need to be surrounded by a bit more green. Some of us recently got to talking about our favorite parks in Waxahachie, TX and the surrounding area, and the conversation soon turned into a series of “Top 5” lists and “Best of” arguments.

Fortunately for all of us, we’re not going to try to rank these by which ones are best or our favorites – we love all of these parks. Some days we might be more in the mood to head to Getzendaner Memorial Park, while other days we are looking to hike through Waxahachie Creek Park. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to getting out and stretching your legs surrounded by the natural beauty of Texas. Just remember to wear good shoes, dress comfortably, and don’t leave behind any garbage – we all want to share these gorgeous parks for years to come.

Here are some of our favorite Waxahachie-area parks.

#1: Getzendaner Memorial Park

Getzendaner Memorial Park is a great park that is absolutely one of our favorites for one big reason: there’s something for everyone here. With plenty of trees to provide shade on hot summer days, picnic tables and playgrounds for kids, it’s a fantastic choice that we often recommend for just about anyone. There’s also a fantastic jogging and bike trail, both a paved trail and a dirt trail alongside it, which makes this an excellent place for not just relaxing in nature, but also stretching your legs and getting some exercise. Historic Chautauqua Auditorium is also located at this park, which sometimes hosts events.

Getzendaner Memorial Park is located at 400 S Grand Ave in Waxahachie.

#2: Waxahachie Creek Park

If you are looking for a larger park with facilities for RVs, then Waxahachie Creek Park is a fantastic choice. Though the driveway to it can be a little hard to spot on your first visit, once you’re there, you’ll find a great facility that is well priced. In addition to water and electric connections, there are plenty of opportunities for hiking and boating at this location. This is one of our favorite options when we have guests from out of town that drove in an RV as the price is quite reasonable and the facilities are excellent.

Waxahachie Creek Park is located at 930 Bozek Ln in Ennis.

#3 – Katherine Rose Memorial Park

This is another one of our favorite picks when we’re looking for a day outdoors to connect with nature. Katherine Rose Memorial Park has a tremendous selection of amenities, including numerous paths for bikes and joggers amidst gorgeous surroundings. There are several picnic areas throughout the park, with benches and tables for enjoying a nice snack or light meal, and lots of little waterways running throughout. The kid’s play area is also perfect for families and makes this a great location for some after school fun.

Katherine Rose Memorial Park is located at 303 N Walnut Creek Dr in Mansfield.

#4 – Chapman Park

If you have kids, then you’ve probably already heard of Chapman Park, and if you haven’t, then it’s time you did. This is a fantastic choice, particularly for visiting with kids, thanks to some excellent playground equipment and an atmosphere that encourages fun. There are plenty of benches for when you need a seat, and while shade might be a bit sparse, there are some trees and shady areas available.

Chapman Park is located at 500 Clark Ln in Waxahachie.

#5 – Cedar Hill State Park

If you’re looking for something a bit more elaborate than your typical day at a neighborhood park, then a state park is a great way to get out and dive into nature. Cedar Hill State Park is one of our favorites in the area and combines the few amenities we need with the gorgeous environment we crave. The restrooms are kept clean, and there are numerous campsites available for staying overnight or spending a weekend outdoors. This is an excellent place for children, plus dogs are welcome; you might want to call ahead to find out about trail conditions before you go.

Cedar Hill State Park is located at 1570 W FM1382 in Cedar Hill.

#6 – Bradford Park

While state parks can be a lot of fun and typically offer a wide range of outdoor activities, sometimes you just want to relax in a neighborhood park. Bradford Park is one of our favorite choices for those kinds of days and offers a picturesque combination of trees among a small but welcome pond. This isn’t a destination to choose if you want to do some fishing – plenty of other parks in the area are great for that – but it’s a perfect choice for a pleasant outdoor stroll. There’s a pavilion, and it’s an excellent location for small get-togethers and a day of fun and fresh air.

Bradford Park is located at 401 West Wintergreen Rd in Cedar Hill.

#7 – Brown Singleton Park

Brown Singleton Park is another fantastic destination for kids, though it’s a perfect park for the entire family. There are playgrounds for kids to enjoy, including one designed for smaller children and another for bigger kids. There is even an awesome disc golf course for some sporty fun! You’ll also find plenty of walking paths and areas to sit and enjoy a little slice of nature in the city, making it a great weekend destination.

Brown Singleton Park is located at 847 Farley St in Waxahachie.

#8 – Les Zieglar Park

If you’re looking for something a little different, Les Zieglar Park is well known as a great destination for a more exercise-oriented outdoor experience. This is not an ideal choice if you just want to get outside and relax a bit, but if you’re looking to sweat and get your heart rate up, then it’s a fantastic destination. People typically go to this park for walking, running, and playing basketball, so if you are sick of the gym but want to get some exercise, this is the place to be.

Les Zieglar Park is located at 400 Eagle Dr in DeSoto.

#9 – Wags-a-Hachie Park

If you’re looking for a great destination to visit with your furry friend, then check out Wags-a-Hachie dog park. As a dedicated dog park, you don’t have to worry about people on bikes or anyone not appreciating the wild energy and enthusiastic slobber of your good boy or girl. This is a great spot for getting out and letting your canine stretch his or her legs and have a good run. While it doesn’t have much in the way of facilities, there are usually disposal bags available and water to keep your pooch hydrated.

Wags-a-Hachie dog park is located at 701 Howard Rd in Waxahachie.

What Are Your Favorites?

That’s just a small sampling of the amazing parks and outdoor spaces you can find in Waxahachie and the surrounding area, including in Ennis, Cedar Hill, and even up near Dallas. Did we forget or leave off your favorite? Call or visit us at Frank Kent Country to discuss your favorite local parks while we find the Chevy or GMC vehicle that’s perfect for you.

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