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A red 2015 Chevy Traverse, which is a popular used SUV for sale, is parked in front of a hot air balloon.

Buying a used SUV is a great way to get the impressive power and performance you expect from an SUV without breaking the bank. Any time you look at a used SUV for sale; however, it can help to have a little checklist in the back of your mind that guides your decision-making. With so many different models to choose from (and new ones becoming available every year), shopping used SUVs can quickly become overwhelming without something to help you compare what you find.

Keep in mind, however, that no simple list like this can ever be fully inclusive. There are going to be some things that you might want to look for specifically that go beyond the limits of this type of checklist. By considering these different specs and features ahead of time, however, you can decide on what you want – and just as importantly, what you don’t want – and key your search for those specific things. The less time you spend looking at used SUVs for sale that ultimately do not fit your needs, the faster and less-stressful the whole experience will be.

#1 – SUV Sizes

When looking for a used SUV for sale, one of the best ways to eliminate a lot of models that won’t fit your needs is by looking at the sizes of different ones. In general, you will typically see four different sizes available, which give you a general sense of how big the SUV is overall and clues you in on other factors like interior room and power. Keep in mind that you should still consider these things separately as well.

A sub-compact SUV is typically the smallest model you will find, though not every manufacturer even makes these. From there, a compact SUV is a bit larger but still quite small for these vehicles. A mid-size SUV is a good middle-of-the-road size that can fit more people comfortably than a sedan, without being too large. Finally, a full-size SUV is about as big as it gets, with lots of interior space and massive overall dimensions.

#2 – Passenger and Cargo Capacities

Beyond simply the size category of any used SUV for sale you are interested in, go further and consider how much interior space you need. Think about both passengers and the kind of cargo you like to load up in your vehicle. These things definitely go hand-in-hand with the size of an SUV, however, so you can use the size to guide you in the right direction, and then get more specific.

If you only need room for four people and you don’t typically load up with a lot of cargo, then a compact or sub-compact option is probably a great choice. On the other hand, if you have a junior soccer team to get across town or want to load up a week’s worth of camping equipment, then a full-size used SUV for sale might be better. Of course, if you want something in between, then look at mid-size models and check for specific numbers regarding passengers and cargo capacity.

#3 – Engine Power and Performance

Even if you are not a gear-head looking to brag about maximum horsepower, it is still important to check out the engine of any used SUV for sale you are interested in. Don’t worry too much about getting the absolute highest horsepower possible, but make sure you find a model with an engine powerful enough to get the job done. Be sure to look at both horsepower and torque when checking out an engine’s stats.

Horsepower might be what keeps an SUV going and pushes it to top speeds, but torque is what starts it moving and pushes it uphill on steep inclines. Consider the road conditions you most often find yourself in. If you live in an area with a lot of steep hills that you need to navigate each day, then some extra torque is going to make your life easier in the long-run.

#4 – Towing Capacity

To be fair, towing capacity won’t really be essential for everyone, but it is something to consider for a lot of SUV shoppers. Whether you want to load up a trailer to haul building materials across town, pull a camper behind you for a weekend of fishing, or prefer supplies for tailgating on a Sunday – towing capacity can be very important. This number is tied directly to the power of the engine you choose and the design of the vehicle. In general, a full-size used SUV for sale with an optional engine that has a lot of torque and horsepower will offer significantly more towing capacity than a mid-size or compact model with the standard engine.

#5 – Entertainment Features

Remember to consider the inside of any used SUV for sale you are interested in just as much as the outside and dimensions. SUVs have different trim levels and packages available when they are brand new, and the options the buyer chose initially impact what you will find when shopping used models. Think about how much time, on average, you spend in your vehicle and make sure you find a used SUV with an entertainment package that will keep you riding comfortably. A large infotainment display might seem unnecessary, but you will quickly find that you interact with it so often that even an extra inch can make it much easier to use.

#6 – Luxury Options

Speaking of comfort, consider what level of luxury you want as you look at a used SUV for sale. Sure, you will typically have to pay a bit more for leather seats that have more adjustable options and heating, but if you spend more than a dozen hours a week in your vehicle, those kinds of features are more than justified. You might not need leather detailing all throughout the vehicle, but your SUV should feel comfortable for you. Just remember there are a lot of different options available on new models, so with some persistence, you can find a used SUV for sale that has exactly what you want in terms of luxury and sophistication.

#7 – Safety Features

Don’t let the fact that this comes last fool you: this is arguably the single most important thing to look at when considering a used SUV for sale. While you can easily eliminate models that are too small or can’t tow your trailer behind them, the great decider on choosing any SUV should be the safety features it has. Better safety features and technology protect you, your passengers, and everyone else on the road – nothing can replace the ability to avoid a serious collision.

Keep in mind that newer models are more likely to have better overall safety features. This makes sense since safety technology is constantly being improved and upgraded with new features all the time. Also, consider what is standard for a particular model and what becomes available at a higher trim level. You might not care about a fancy sound system or leather details, but a used SUV with a higher trim that includes more safety features might be well worth the added price.

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