5 Practical Reasons to Buy a Used GMC Truck

April 12th, 2020 by

A popular used GMC truck, a blue 2015 Sierra, is driving down a highway.

GMC trucks are known for being tough, dependable, and powerful, and that’s been true for years. Even older models of used GMC trucks still fetch good market prices because so many people know them to be just as dependable as buying new. Though there are plenty of reasons to buy a new GMC truck, there are also plenty of reasons that buying a used GMC truck may make the most sense for you. In new trucks you’ll get more advanced technology like navigation systems and rearview cameras, but many folks don’t value those things more than their cash and would prefer to put a few dollars back into their wallet. Others want to be sure that the truck they’re buying has a clean history report and has zero risk of being a “lemon.” Still others don’t want to have to worry about dinging a new truck and so would rather buy a used GMC truck with a few blemishes already.

At the end of the day, whatever reason you personally decide to buy a used truck over a new pickup is up to you. Your personal family circumstances and your needs need to play the biggest role in the final decision. To help you on your way, however, we’ve put together this list of 5 reasons to buy a used GMC truck.

You’ll Save Money Buying Used Over New

This reason is the biggest and most commonly cited reason that people decide to buy a used truck over a new one. Once a new truck has been driven around for a while, there will be a certain amount of depreciation no matter what. Zero-owner vehicles just simply fetch a higher price, even though one or two-owner vehicles may be in just as good shape. For some people, knowing that no one else has owned their car is a huge plus. But if it doesn’t matter to you, definitely consider buying used.

You can save even more money if you don’t care what the outside of your new truck looks like. It could work perfectly well and have a few miles on it, but if you get a truck that’s got some bumps and bruises, you’ll save some money there as well. The actual truck experience will be the same, but there will be more money in your wallet. In general, used GMC trucks hold their value pretty well because so many people have caught onto this fact, but you’ll still be able to save a few thousand by going for a used version.

You Can Get More for Your Money

Many people want to optimize how much they can actually get for their money. The same amount of money won’t get you quite as much if you decide to buy a new version of the GMC truck you’re looking at. It’s up to the individual to weigh the pros and cons. If you want a specific trim level that it out of your budget as a new truck, you may be able to get that same trim model on a truck that’s a little older. You may also be able to get other upgradable options on a used truck like a more powerful engine or a leather upholstery. You might even get a package deal thrown in if you’re lucky, things like a previously installed bed cover or a hardtop camper cover. These are the sorts of things you’d need to pay a lot more for if you were to get straight from the manufacturer for a new truck.

Some of these modifications or upgrades will raise the price of the used truck, but it may be worth it to you to get the features you’ve always dreamed of without paying a new-truck sticker price. Just make sure you understand what features are installed in your used truck before buying or you might find out that that amazingly powerful engine (that you don’t really need) uses more gas than you expected.

You Don’t Need to Worry About Appearance

Buying a brand-new truck has its benefits, like that new car smell, the look of freshly polished paint and a bed that is both spotless and without a single ding in it. But if you’re like most truck owners, that state of perfection is short lived. Most truck owners want to use their trucks for hauling and work, and hauling and work means scratches and weird smells, not to mention dirt and grime all over. If you want to haul equipment, yard supplies, or even just your gear when you’re off for a weekend at the lake, something’s bound to damage the once pristine look of your new truck.

For some people, it just isn’t worth trying to preserve the high cleanliness or their trucks and they bow to the inevitable before they even start by selecting a used truck that’s already seen hard work. By choosing a used truck that doesn’t have a perfect coat of paint and has seen some work boots in its lifetime, they don’t need to worry about the upholstery so much or whether some piece of equipment leaves a scrape when dragged across the bed. This can give a lot of peace of mind to someone who values it.

When you’ve found a great used truck, you won’t need to worry about being very gentle with it and can just treat it… like a truck.

More Options

When you go with a used truck, you’ll have more options than if you went with a new version. There are trims and models that may not be available in the current year’s lineup and that means you can get exactly what you want. You can also look for things like special editions which are often only released in limited quantities. If you weren’t lucky enough to buy that limited edition when it was first released, buying used is going to be the only way you can own one. So, if you’re looking for a very specific cab length, engine option, or discontinued feature, going used might be your best option!

This customization also means that you’ll be able to tailor your purchase to fit into your budget needs. Just keep looking until you find the used truck that has the right combination!

Learn from the Past

Even though GMC trucks are known for their reliability and staying power, there are a few bumps to overcome on every road. If there’s ever been a recall for the truck you’re looking at, a used truck is morel likely to already have that taken care of. One of the biggest advantages of buying a used truck is the fact that other people have already tried and tested thousands of vehicles just like yours. If there was ever a flaw, it was already noticed and there are thousands of reviews online to back it up. You can also do research on exactly how the truck handles in different types of weather and on different terrain to make sure it’s going to work where you live. This trove of knowledge can give a car buyer peace of mind when making their final decision.

No matter what kind of used truck or brand-new truck you end up going with, it’s important to consider all of your options and make the best decision for you and your family. At Frank Kent Country, we’ll be there for you to help you make the most educated decision possible. Stop by to test drive some of our great used GMC trucks today or to chat about all the different options! We can’t wait to see you!

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